FACT: 60°N 95°W marks the official latitude and longitude coordinates of the great country of Canada.

FICTION: The Government of Canada is considering making the entire country smell like maple syrup. If you scratch it a little!

FACT: You will reveal your adventurous side to the world in our real-thing, Made-in-Canada 60°N 95°W fleece tops, soft T-shirts and snug sweatpants

FICTION: It is illegal for a clothing manufacturer to feature a maple leaf on its garments without the express written consent of Don Cherry.

FACT: Most clothing that bears the word “Canada” or the iconic maple leaf is actually made overseas. :( That’s our sad face.

FICTION: The words “true north, strong and free” are etched on the underside of every Canadian beaver’s tail. Skeptical? Flip one over and you’ll see.

FACT: Our Made-in-Canada casual wear is designed to inspire its wearers to go all Jacques Cartier, and carve out new adventures of their own across our magnificent land.

FICTION: 60°N 95°W marks the precise spot where bacon was invented.

FACT: The name Canada comes from the St. Lawrence Iroquoian name, “Kanata,” which means “village” or “settlement.”

FICTION: Canada’s first prime minister was a polar bear named Glen who held office only briefly because his fat reserves ran out soon after he moved into 22 Sussex.

FACT: Canada is made up of endless natural beauty whose every last citizen is, in fact, in possession of a glowing heart.

FICTION: Canadians are not bold or adventurous and would rather spend their free time eating cheesies and wandering the aisles of big box stores than hanging in the great outdoors.

FINAL FACT: 60°N 95°W was born from a desire to be unique, authentic and beautiful, just like Canada. Our mission is to produce quality, casual, Canada-centric casual wear that will inspire its wearers to lay tracks across this vast, beautiful playground we call home in comfort and a style that never lets anyone mistake where their hearts truly lie.