Women's Boat-Neck in Explore Magazine

A page from Explore Magazine featuring our women's boat-neck sweater.

We're lovin' the love! Thank's Jennifer and the good people at Explore Magazine for selecting our women's boat-neck sweater as your Staff Stash pick in your Summer 2015 Gear Guide. One of our more popular women's items for sure! #NeverStopExploring


Women's dark charcoal boat-neck sweater.We like to show our patriotism in subtle ways—and the made-in-Canada, “toss it on when the sun sets,” Boat-Neck Sweatshirt from 60°N 95°W affords a cozy way to do just that. From one staffer: “This brand is a great way to show your Canadian-ness and to start a conversation with people when travelling. The name is taken from the ‘official coordinates’ for our country and people often stop to ask what they mean.”—Jennifer Prendergast, associate publisher

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