The Launch of 60°N 95°W

60°N 95°W apparel has arrived and we couldn't be more excited. In case you can't tell by our name we LOVE Canada and we LOVE our already growing list of satisfied customers. We hope you enjoy our comfy activewear just as much as we've enjoyed making them! We'd like to share with you some behind the scenes photos in creating our 100% Canadian made t-shirts, fleece tops and sweatpants. 

The layout before the cutting.

Roll of 100% cotton fabric layed out to be cut into panels.


After the cutting...

Stack of 100% cotton fabric that's been cut into panels.


Precision sewing!

A seamstress sews a fleec sweater with precision.


Getting a paint job!

A silk screen printing machine applies ink to a t-shirt.


Quality Control!

A stack of 60°N 95°W t-shirts with hang tags.


Packaged and ready to be shipped!

A stack of 60°N 95°W women's hoodies in clear packaging.