Canada's 5 Most Challenging Trails!

Canada has some of the most breathtaking and rugged landscapes found anywhere in the world. For adventure seekers who are willing to go the distance here is Canada's 5 most challenging trails providing the most amazing terrain for trekking.

1. Canol Heritage Trail, N.W.T.: You'll need at least 20 days to complete this grueling and massive trail. It stretches 355 km’s from the Yukon-Northwest border to Norman Wells. You should go because it is one of the most remote and wilderness-filled experiences that Canada has to offer you.

Canol Heritage Trail, N.W.T.


2. West Coast Trail, B.C.: This trail provides 75 km’s on the west coast of Vancouver Island. It will take you up to 7 days to complete but you will experience some incredible wildlife and you can sleep by the ocean as a bonus.

West Coast Trail, BC


3. Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon: Roughly 8 days to complete, this trail is about 75 km’s. What's amazing is that thsi hike starts with a helicopter ride and the mountain range is “Beringia,” an area extending as far as Siberia that escaped the glacial scarring of the last ice age.

Tombstone Territorial Park, Yukon


4. Pukaskwa National Park coastal hiking trail, ON: The coastal trail takes about 5 to 7 days to complete and is 60 km’s along Lake Superior’s shore. Watch out for bears and wolves on this one but it’s still the best chance to experience Ontario’s wild boreal forest.

Pukaskwa National Park coastal hiking trail, ON


5. Sunshine Village, AB to Mt. Assiniboine, B.C.: Approximately 6 days to complete and 56 km’s long. Renowned for its stunning views and wildlife this trail is only accessible on foot or by helicopter. You might just see some mountain goats, elk, bighorn sheep and deer along the way.

Sunshine Village AB, to Mt. Assiniboine, BC


Get out and explore 60°N 95°W!